Complex: Concept Colorways - The Air Jordan XX8 Reimagined

In Hollywood, they say "all publicity is good publicity." In sneaker design, the equivalent may be "all reactions are good reactions." Designers surely aren't looking for negative feedback on their work, but the worst possible response is indifference, something the Air Jordan XX8 avoided from the jump.

Tinker Hatfield's latest creation is defined by a shin-length zip shroud that makes it unlike any other shoe in the Air Jordan line.  The shroud not only helped Tinker achieve the "stealth" look he was aiming for, but also provided the perfect canvas for unique designs. We've already seen that with drops like the Oak Hill Academy PE and the upcoming Russell Westbrook Exclusives.

Inspired by the artistic elements of the XX8, fellow designer Brett Golliff recently reimagined the XX8, treating the model to ten unique graphic prints that he believes would enhance the silhouette. Check out his feature over at Complex and let us know which of his designs you'd like to see Jordan Brand release.

Concept Colorways: The Air Jordan XX8 Reimagined

Concept Colorways: The Air Jordan XX8 Reimagined

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POSTED Oct 20, 2014 - 4 days ago
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