Blake Griffin's Top 10 Dunks

words // Zac Dubasik

After missing his entire rookie season due to injury, Blake Griffin has gone on to become one of the NBA's biggest stars. But while his overall game continues to progress and improve, it's his dunks for which he's best known. 

In celebration of Blake's 25th birthday, we are taking a look back at our favorite dunks of his NBA career. We've included a few that were probably thrown in rather than dunked, and yes, we left out his Kia commercial Dunk Contest victory on purpose. So let us know what you think, as we pay tribute to Blake as he turns 25.


10. Blake scores his first NBA basket via lob.

Sure, he's had more epic dunks. But Blake's first NBA points coming off a lob couldn't have been more fitting.


9. Blake reverses a lob from Eric Bledsoe

While Blake's dunks are typically most notable for their power, he invoked memories of Ricky Davis here, with an unnecessary reverse. 


8. Blake goes up and under against Kris Humphries

Here, Kris Humphries makes his first of two appearances in this list. Following a nice recovery after a pick and roll, Blake's up and under was just too fast to prevent being added to the wrong side of a poster. 


7. Blake hits back-to-back windmill alley-oops.

We were excited after the first one, but two in a row is just ridiculous. That they came up 40 points to one of the League's worst teams, however, makes it a little less impressive. 


6. Blake throws in a dunk over Kris Humphries.

This one definitely falls under the "thrown-in" category, rather than actually dunked, but it's excusable considering it was from so far away. And while this is the second time Kris Humphries has shown up here, let's give him the benefit of the doubt here, as pretty much no one could have expected that dunk to come from where it did.


5. Blake with a no-call offensive foul over Paul Gasol

We're used to Pau being called soft at this point, but he probably has a legitimate complaint about the no-call forearm to the face.  


4. Jamal Crawford throws between-the-legs lob to Blake.

Was it showboating to throw a between the legs lob, up 15, with six minutes to go in the fourth quarter? Sure. Was it awesome? Yep.


3. Blake dunks all over the Knicks.

The Knicks have been on the wrong end of many highlight videos over the past few many seasons. Blake took that to another level in this 2010 game, where he had not only one, but two, of his most memorable dunks. 


2. Blake destroys Paul Gasol with putback dunk.

Blake probably should have been called for an offensive foul the last time we saw him send Pau to the floor on this list. But this is legitimate destruction. 


1. Kendrick Perkins gets posterizd by Blake.

The disance. The extension. The fact he actually got a little rim. DeAndre's reaction. Imagining the scowl Perk must have had as he wondered where the foul call was. Everything about this dunk was just great. Happy Birthday Blake. 

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POSTED Mar 06, 2015 - 2 minutes ago
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