The Nike Foamposite releases lined up for 2017 don't consist just of retros of already released styles. Also on the way are new colorways, among them this pair that has a shiny silver Swoosh and a carbon fiber texture on the upper's Foamposite.

The sneaker is not quite as shiny as the "Chromeposite" All-Star 2015 release, but looks more polished than the "Metallic Silver" 2008 Foamposite Pro.

There is no sneaker release date information available yet on this 2017 Foamposite release.

Looking to be first-up for next year's line of Foamposite retros is a reissue of the original "Royal" colorway. Also coming back are the "Copper" and "Eggplant" pairs.

Silver Nike Air Foamposite Pro Carbon Fiber
Image via @Pinoe77 on Twitter

UPDATE 10/21: New image of what is being dubbed the Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Silver Surfer"

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Silver Surfer 2017 Angle
Image via Realwopshoes