The Rihanna x Puma collection has been anything but conventional since its launch in 2015. The latest drop will follow up on the creeper sole Suedes and the more recent boots with this set consisting of heels and a boot that covers the wearer's entire leg.

The boot ups the ante onĀ Kevin Durant's exclusive, knee-high KD 8, the recent high watermark for extra tall athletic footwear.

What might be even crazier than the designs are the prices: the over-the-knee boot is priced at $980 and the heels are priced at $600, according to sneaker chain DTLR'sĀ release calendar.

The heels release on Sep. 29, with the boots following on Oct. 15, so if you start saving now you might actually be able to purchase these at retail.

Rihanna Puma Boots White Black

Rihanna Puma Heels Black

Rihanna Puma Heels Yellow