With so many stories of greed and corruption plaguing sneaker collecting, it's easy to overlook the fact that the vast majority of people in the hobby are rooted in kindness.

Take young Hector Montez and his classmates, for example. Grateful for his teacher's commitment to him throughout the years, he wanted to show his appreciation with a gesture. Recalling a past conversation with Thomas Walser, a teacher and football coach at Coronado High School, Montez remembered him saying that that "Taxi" Air Jordan 12 was his favorite sneaker, but that he was never able to get a pair. So, as a way to give back to the man he says has always been by his side, Montez and the rest of the class took matters into their own hands.

Earlier today, the students presented Walser with the Air Jordans of his dreams in his very own size. His reaction, caught in the video above, is absolutely priceless.

"Ive wanted these since I was in sixth grade," said Walser.

We don't know Walser, but if the way his students treat him is any indication, he's doing a fine job down there in Lubbock. He continued to heap praise on his AVID class in a series of tweets following the gifting.