Before the advancements made with the internet, people buried time capsules as a way to reconnect with the past. The idea was to gather mementos indicative of the times, bury them in the ground for an extended period and come together in the future to dig them up for the purpose of nostalgia. Of course, revisiting the past is now just a click away online, but it's still fun to see what people from previous eras found important at the time.

With a seismic retrofit project scheduled for Oregon's Washington County public services building in the next few months, a time capsule from 1990 was discovered on the property. It's contents? Cassettes, VHS tapes, local newspapers, TV Guides and an worn pair of "Fire Red" Air Jordan 5s, hang tag intact.

Unfortunately, the Jordans show every bit of their 26 years of existence. The outsoles are badly yellowed and the midsoles have completely crumbled due to age as expected. Still, a hell of an item to unearth in the home state of Nike.