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PLAYLIST: OG Air Jordan's Yet To Be Retroed

words // Steve Jaconetta

Each year more and more Air Jordan's continue to be retroed. Some have been re-released more than once, but others have not.

Take a look at this list featuring all the original Air Jordan's (I-XV) that have not been retroed in their true form. You might notice a few on this list and say "hey, these have come out" or, "these are coming out." Well, that may or may not be the case. Until they are retroed they will remain on this list. Also, some have come out like the white/university blue Jordan I Retro, but they are not the same as the original. Therefore, that original Air Jordan I remains on this list.

Keep checking back and be sure to follow this playlist. As more and more retros come out who knows, this playlist might soon become obsolete. Here's a list of reasons why each are on this list:

Air Jordan I White/Dark Powder Blue - You may have seen a similar white/university blue colorway released in 2003 and again in 2007, but those are not the same as these OG's. Neither of those were hi-cut and neather featured an all leather upper.

Air Jordan I White/Natural Grey - Sure, in 2009 a white/shadow grey colorway was released with a felt Swoosh. But, those are not the same as these never retroed OG's.

Air Jordan I White/Metallic Blue - While we saw the return of the "Metallic" Air Jordan I's back in 2009, this original was one of the few left out.

Air Jordan I Low White/Natural Grey - First of all, the Air Jordan I Low has never been retroed in it's true form. Secondly, no original colorways have been retroed.

Air Jordan I Low White/Metallic Blue - Going along with rest of the Jordan I Low's, these have never been retroed.

Air Jordan I Low White/Dark Red - Perhaps the rarest Jordan I Low, they too have never been re-released.

Air Jordan II Low White/Black - Just like the '94 I's, these II's hit again in '94. But since the retro era started in 1999, they have yet to return. One can make a case for the high top in this colorway as well.

Air Jordan VI Off White/New Maroon - Up until 2010, only the black/infrared and white/carmine-black colorways of the Jordan VI had been retroed. Now, only these and one other colorway remain off that list.

Air Jordan VI White/Sport Blue-Black - One of the final OG VI's left yet to be retroed. Yes, we got a white/navy colorway in 2000, but they're in no way the same as these.

Air Jordan X White/Black-Royal Blue-Orange Flame - The entire "City Series" of Air Jordan X's have yet to be re-released. One pair is set to return soon, but this "New York" pair is not them.

Air Jordan X White/Black-Royal Blue-Metallic Silver - Like the "New York" colorway, these "Orlando's" also have yet to be retroed.

Air Jordan X White/Black-Kelly Green-Yellow Gold - While it's still RIP to the Supersonics, the same can still be said for the "Seattle" OG's.

Air Jordan X Black/Bright Concord-Metallic Silver - The King's will remain in the league at least for the time being. But these "Sacramento" X's haven't seen the court again since '95.

Air Jordan XIII Low Navy/Metallic Silver-Black-Carolina Blue - When the Air Jordan XIII was first retroed in 2003-04, it released as a high and a low. Unfortunately, neither OG lowtop colorway was retroed.

Air Jordan XIII Low Black/Chutney - Like the navy/black pair, these OG's have yet to return since 1998.

Air Jordan XIV White/Black-Oxidized Green - Rumor has it that this pair of XIV's will finally be re-released. Weather or not they featuring the piping on the sides is to be determined. As is if they will indeed come back out finally, and forever be off this list.

Air Jordan XIV Black/Black-White-Indiglo - Much like the "Oxi Green" colorway, these OG's remain un-retroed. Word is they may be returning as well. But only time will tell if that truly does happen.

Air Jordan XIV Low Varsity Royal/Black-White - In 2006 two colorways of the Air Jordan XIV Retro Low were released. One for men and one for women. However, neither colorway were originals. These OG's have yet to return.

Air Jordan XIV Low White/Obsidian-Columbia Blue - If you don't have a pair of these OG's, the closest we all got was the '06 white/pacific blue retro. Unfortuantely, those don't even come close to these. They still remain un-retroed.

Air Jordan XIV Low Light Ginger/Black-White - The final original Air Jordan XIV released. This "ginger" colorway has not been re-released and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon.

Air Jordan XV White/Columbia Blue-Black - The Air Jordan XV featured a small retro run at the end of 2007. Only one original colorway has been retroed so far, the black and varsity red pair. That leaves all other XV's un-retroed including this colorway.

Air Jordan XV Flint Grey/White - Much like the "Columbia" colorway, this original Air Jordan XV has yet to re-surface since its original release in 2000. At this time there's no plans for the Air Jordan 15 Retro to return so don't look forward to seeing these again, anytime soon.

Air Jordan XV Low White/Deep Red - The first low-top Air Jordan XV originally released. No Air Jordan XV Low's were retroed during the short two-pair run of the Air Jordan 15 Retro in 2007.

Air Jordan XV Obsidian/White-Metallic Silver - Falling in line with the previous mentions, this OG Air Jordan XV hasn't been seen in over ten years. With that being said, they still remain un-retroed and don't look to be coming back out in the near future.

Air Jordan XV Low White/Midnight Navy - Like the white/red pair, these OG's have yet to return since 2000.

Air Jordan XV Low Black/White-Metallic Silver - The final original Air Jordan XV released. Like the majority, these Air Jordan XV's have yet to be retroed and show no signs of coming back anytime soon.