The Long Overdue DJ AM Nike Dunk

DJ AM Dunk

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The love of sneakers, just like all types of love, is one that most don't understand. It's not uncommon for people to come and go out of the game, especially with the way sneakers are tied so tightly to cultures like basketball, skateboarding, and music. With those ties, comes the people who just want to hop on a the latest trend. In some cases these so-called "sneakerheads"  are just artists trying to promote an album, and other times these "sneakerhead celebrities" get caught up wearing fakes on a regular basis. There isn't really a clear definition for a sneakerhead, but if there was one person to represent the passion we all share, DJ AM would undoubtedly be at the top of most of our lists.

Its hard to say how big of an impact someone like Adam Goldstein has had on the sneaker community. Maybe the only word that can describe it is immeasurable. One thing that is for certain, is that these DJ AM Nike Dunks are well deserved and long overdue. While there hasn't been a release date set, the anticipation for these has been building ever since DJ AM mentioned them to his Twitter followers before his passing. That in itself could help define what a sneakerhead is, who else could understand the excitement for a sneaker that you simply cannot keep to yourself?

Though Adam won't get to experience the look on the face of every kid excited to finally get their hands on these, you can bet he is watching from above. The colorway chosen, for those familiar with Adam, is no surprise. A classic black and red colorway, with a mix of nice materials like 3M and patent leather. A single DJ AM logo on the label of the tongue defines the roots of the shoe for the unknowing. While DJ AM's influence is greater than any one pair of sneakers, he has created a simple masterpiece that epitomizes his legend. Rest in peace Adam, your spirit will never be forgotten.

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DJ AM Dunk

DJ AM Dunk

DJ AM Dunk

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POSTED Apr 17, 2014 - 4 hours ago

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